If you are looking for a skilled craftsman to help you with carpentry, home improvement projects and elegant finishings, John will help you select the right materials for your budget and install them to your satisfaction.

1.  Carpentry

John is passionate about quality.  His goal is to help you make your house your true home with unique projects that can transform a room, a floor, an exterior.  He can re-think that kitchen with you, create decorative molding, wainscoting or built-in bookcases, re-do a bathroom to achieve the custom look you want – whatever you can imagine John will help you realize.


2.  Home improvement projects

John can help you with smaller projects – vanities, plumbing, a new fixture, tile work, electrical work – that can give your home a new feel without having to undertake a complete renovation.  John will manage the entire project from imagination to broom-clean finish, working with you from a picture in a magazine to a finished room.  The process of remodeling can feel disruptive, and John will work with you to minimize the noise and upheaval and get the project done right and as quickly as possible.


3.  Finishings

John can also help you with that painting job, that tile work you’ve been putting off, that repair job that never seems to get done.  Inside and out, the finishing touches that turn a house into a home and that never seem to get done – John can help you get them off your to-do list.