John is passionate about quality.  His goal is to help you make your house your true home – whatever you can imagine John will help you make it a reality.

John’s Story

John Calisi CarpentryJohn’s first repair job involved a water heater that wasn’t producing hot water. He was 13 years old and wanted to help his Dad with his property business. His Dad said to him, “You want to help? Figure out what’s wrong with this water heater and get it running again.” So John determined that the heating element wasn’t working – it had burned out. He drained the tank, removed the element, went to the supply store, got a new one, installed it, filled the tank and waited. He was thrilled when hot water started coming out of the faucets! And he was hooked. He became his Dad’s handyman growing up.

Later, he owned and operated a garden center for many years, but did carpentry and home fix-it projects as a hobby. Ten years ago it was time for a change. So he launched his own carpentry and home improvement business, Finish Carpentry by John, coming full circle and returning to the work he loves best.